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  • Credit: © Greenpeace Africa / Mujahid Safodien

  • Credit: © Greenpeace Africa / Mujahid Safodien


Coal Kills – Research and Dialogue for a Just Transition

24 October 2018

Government’s Integrated Resource Plan will result in thousands of South Africans dying prematurely because of pollution from coal fired power stations, fan the fires of climate change with increases in greenhouse gas emissions, and make electricity unaffordable for millions of poor South Africans who are already excluded from the economy.  The key objective of this report is to serve and support community people intent on challenging the status quo, be used by parliament as evidence to consider how they respond to the impacts of coal on the Highveld and coal in general, and by workers to start thinking and working with community people on the Highveld and in other coal areas in South Africa to plan for life after coal. Download the report.